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Home Equity Lines of Credit

If you’re simply looking to have the option to take advantage of the equity in your home, but don’t necessarily have a set amount in mind, a home equity line of credit may work for you.

With a Home Equity Line of Credit, you:
  • Decide when and how much you want to withdrawal from your line of credit, up to your available limit
  • Only pay interest on what you actually borrow, not the entire line of credit
  • Have 10 years to draw on your line and then 10 years to repay whatever you’ve used
A line of credit provides:
  • Competitive variable rate
  • Flexible access to money when you need it
  • Low to no closing costs on credit lines up to $250,000
  • Constant access to your Line of Credit with Online Banking
  • Convenient check access for amounts up to available credit limit

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